CoVid19 update to our 2020 Season

Greetings to our community, customers and supporters!  We hope this update finds you safe and well.  These are trying times for sure, and with the new directive from Governor Inslee, we’re looking at another 4 weeks of shelter-at-home.  This policy has already affected many markets across WA as well as many other states.


If there is one thing that stands out about Snohomish, it’s the sense of community.  We are a town that works together to solve problems and support each other in business.  It is through these values that we have forged a partnership with Stocker Farms in a temporary location for the Snohomish Farmers Market for the duration of the 2020 season.  The Stockers have graciously offered us their open field & gravel space in front of the Big Red Barn along Highway 9 as an alternative to the city streets of Historic Downtown Snohomish.  The address is 8705 Marsh Road.  We cannot thank the Stockers enough for this incredible gift of a solution.


Please know that up until 2 weeks ago, it was the market’s intention to continue with plans to remain in downtown.  However, with the extended orders put in place, farmers markets are having to find new ways to create safe space for our shoppers, our vendors and our supporters.  Examples include a minimum of 6ft in between booths and larger walkways so customers can ensure social distancing.  In addition to this, most all construction projects have been halted – which means the Carnegie project is not as far along as we’d hoped.  For the safety of our community, we came to this tough decision this week.  The Stocker Farms property provides us with ample space to spread out as well as eases downtown stress when we want our fellow businesses to thrive once open again.  We hope that it brings our market more success following our biggest year ever, but we do realize that it will be different for this year as these are different times that no one could have foreseen


Next year, 2021, we will be back in our downtown space, hopefully with a brand-new park and beautiful Carnegie façade.  It will be our 30th Anniversary and we couldn’t think of a better time to celebrate a more normal routine.


It is our intention to open the market in its temporary location on May 7th as planned.  This will depend on government orders, but Farmers Markets in most areas have been deemed essential as they provide access to fresh food.  We hope to bring you a market that resembles the one you know and love – but please know it will be different in many aspects and that is beyond our control.  We will have to suspend our music program as well as our POP club due to crowd control initiatives and public safety.  We will share more details here on our FB page and our website as we work through the process in the 4 weeks until opening day.  .  Silver lining: there will be plenty of free parking!  We will also be working on a pick-up order system as well as high-risk shopping hours prior to regular market opening times.



Now, more than ever, it is going to be important to show support for our local businesses and farms, where and when we can.  They are hurting and many may not last this pandemic.  We will continue to share helpful information about the benefits of farmers markets, especially during the time of CoVid19.  In many cases, they are safer than the grocery store and provide a way to get out side and enjoy a bit of vitamin D.


We hope to bring you a large variety of fresh, wholesome foods and food items along with limited crafts and art.  We know that you will show up, support and do your best to work with us during difficult, changing times.  If you have questions, you can send them to us via our email address, Facebook or here on the website.  We’re trying to update all of our listings, advertising etc, but please understand that many have already gone to print.  We can use YOUR HELP in getting the word out to our supporters.

-Sarah Dylan Jensen, Manager & SFM Board of Directors

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