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Volunteer at the Market!


We're always looking for active community members to help us with the weekly tasks of running a successful farmer's market. Whether you'd like to interact with people or be the behind-the-scenes crew, we can use  you!  Please send an email to if you're interested in any of the below volunteer opportunities, or have ideas on how you can help.


Some of our on-going tasks we need help with are:


  • Greeting Customers - welcoming customers to the market, directing them to vendors or the Manager's Tent


  • Market Signage Distribution -  primarily on market days, put signage out at local corners & streets to help direct people


  • Poster & Flyer Distribution - hand them out at special events, local businesses & community gatherings!  Share your Snohomish love with others in surrounding areas.


  • Assist at Market Manager's Tent - Answer questions, distribute tokens & provide excellent customer service to our guests.


  • Create Content - write for our newsletter on topics pertaining to the market, farming & community


  • Kids Club - Assist with our Kids Club activities, offer your craft skills & help generate interest in our FREE kids club fun!


  • Outreach & Publicity - we love tooting our own horn, but you can too!  Contact churches, community groups, schools and organizations to arrange special presentations about the market or outings to the market.  

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